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Legal Definition:

Sexual Abuse of a Minor (domestic violence) is the commission or attempt to commit sexual abuse of a minor by one cohabitant against another.

Sexual Abuse of a Minor (Domestic Violence)

Utah Code §76-5-401.1 & Utah Code §77-36-1


Class A misdemeanor.


A defendant commits sexual abuse of a minor (domestic violence) if they are at least seven years older than the minor and, under circumstances not amounting to rape, attempted rape, object rape, attempted object rape, forcible sodomy, attempted forcible sodomy, aggravated sexual assault, attempted aggravated sexual assault, unlawful sexual activity with a minor, or an attempt to commit any of these offenses, the defendant touches the anus, buttocks, or any part of the genitals of the minor, or touches the breast of a female minor, or otherwise takes indecent liberties with the defendant or another person, with the intent to cause substantial emotional or bodily pain to any person or with the intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of any person.


A term not to exceed 1 year.
(Utah Code Ann. §76-3-204(1))


Class A misdemeanor: A fine not to exceed $2,500, plus a 90% surcharge.
(Utah Code Ann. §76-3-301(1)(c), Utah Code Ann. §51-9-401)


The court may order the accused to pay restitution if convicted of this crime.
(Utah Code Ann. §77-38a-301)

Sex Offender Registration

Lifetime registration.
(Utah Code Ann. §77-27-21.5(12)(c)(i)(A))


Because of the unique and highly emotional nature of domestic violence crimes, the high recidivism rate of violent offenders, and the demonstrated increased risk of continued acts of violence subsequent to the release of an offender who has been arrested for domestic violence, it was the finding of the Utah Legislature that domestic violence crimes, are crimes for which bail may be denied if there is substantial evidence to support the charge, and if the court finds by clear and convincing evidence that he alleged perpetrator would constitute a substantial danger to an alleged victim of domestic violence if released on bail.
(Utah Code Ann. §76-6-2.5(12))

Addition Sentence for Domestic Violence

In addition to penalties otherwise provided by law, the court may:

  • Order defendant to participate in an electronic or other type of monitoring program; and/or
  • Order defendant to pay all or part of the costs of counseling incurred by the victim and any children affected by or exposed to the domestic violence offense;

The court will:

  • Order cost of any services or treatment provided to the victim and affected children of the victim; and
  • Order the defendant to obtain and satisfactorily complete treatment or therapy in a domestic violence treatment program, that is licensed by Utah’s Department of Human Services, unless the court finds that there is no licensed program reasonably available or that the treatment or therapy is not necessary.
    (Utah Code Ann. §77-36-5(3)(4) and (5))
DNA Specimen

A defendant convicted of a class A misdemeanor sexual abuse of a minor (domestic violence) must provide a DNA specimen.
(Utah Code Ann. §53-10-403(2))


A defendant convicted of sexual abuse of a minor (domestic violence) may not posses, use or have control of a firearm or ammunition for life.
(18 U.S.C. §922(g)(9))

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